We have extensive experience in weddings and baptisms.
Our space have everything you need to organize your events.

Novidade: Brunch aos domingos das 11h às 15h. Valor: 15€

Event room

The Solar do Conde also includes an event room with max capacity for 300 people. From time to time, are carried out workshops and gastronomic events having an interesting touch with a Garden Cocktail for a perfect sunset.

Besides that, for smaller events we have available the regional kitchen area (with bread made in a wood oven and a terrace by the pool) and a fresh room that can be adapted to events.

We are sought for the realization of all type of event, namely:
• Group dinners (Mainly for the regional cuisine experience);
• Birthdays (With menus as it includes drinks);
• Special dinners;
• Buffet lunch and dinner groups;
• Weddings;
• Baptized;
• Communions;
• Years of marriage (which can be combined with the ceremony in our Chapel)


The unit offers two restaurant rooms with a typical style from that time, and a “fresh” breakfast room that connects to the pool and punctually is adapted to special culinary events.

We have available the room service and picnic preparation so you can explore the island at will, without having to worry.

In the summer, the hotel has a daily theme based on buffet dinners with regional dishes (with bread made in a wood oven in front of the customers), tapas with regional products, traditional food, vegetarian dinners, among others.
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We have special prices for groups. Talk to us.


Our swimming pool is located outside, along with a terrace, bar service and breakfast room. In addition to being heated pool, the pool has the interesting peculiarity of being supplied by water captured directly from a natural source, 67 meters deep and treated with salt.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is composed of secular trees and a lot of flowers. In general terms, the whole unit is part of a “big garden”, with various nooks around the villas and a large forest located to the south part of the Hotel.

Around the garden you will find barbecue places so you can feel the true conviviality with nature.


Chapel or Hermitage is a secondary Christian temple, normally regarded as places for religious attendance from specific groups of people or religious communities. They are usually found in villages, schools, universities, prisons, convents, barracks, castles, farms etc.

The Solar do Conde features a Secular chapel, which keeps the moth and the assets unchanged. Our chapel is sought annually by the “Romeiros” (Pilgrims), by Catholics who celebrates the years of marriage, and for all of those who are fascinated by the history and culture of the civilization.

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